Winter’s most full-throttle adventure

Plunge through the snowy outback in a RZR!

Snowshoe Mountain Resort’s 11,000 acres are some of the most pristine in West Virginia. Saddle up for an invigorating wilderness tour, glamorous evening meal, or overnight retreat— all by RZR.

Meet your ride

When it comes to off-road horsepower, the Polaris RZR has muscle to spare. These angular vehicles slash through terrain that would give most sedans heart failure: mud, slush, sand … and snow.

Not surprisingly, RZRs feel right at home at Snowshoe. The resort’s annual accumulation of 180 inches is an opportunity, not a limitation for these beasts. All that versatility opens up plenty of opportunities for you, too.

Hit the snow

RZRs evoke images of devil-may-care stunts, but Sunset over snow-covered forest ridge at Snowshoe, WVanyone 12 and up can give ‘em a try at Snowshoe.

The “Offroad Adventure Tour” is for beginners and families alike. This 1.5-hour trek whisks you away to remote reaches of the resort, where most guests never go. Roam through dense spruce groves, hushed meadows and snowy terrain, all from the comfort of a heated 4-seater vehicle.

You don’t need any prior off-road experience, either. Sit back with a guide and snap photos to your heart’s content! But if your fingers itch to grab the wheel, Snowshoe lets you do that, too. Just make sure you’re 18 or older before taking the captain’s seat.

Dinner with a side dish of adventure

As the sun sinks below the blue slopes, slide into the heated confines of a RZR — you’re dining out!

The “Backcountry Hut Dinner” takes you far from the crowd. A Snowshoe guide will transport your family to the distant wilderness, just when night approaches. As you ascend Cheat Mountain Ridge, watch for stars; depending on where you live, these nighttime skies might be the clearest you’ve ever seen.

Then, you arrive at the Sunrise Backcountry Hut — a snug wood-paneled lodge with a chef at your service. Pick your main course, then enjoy an appetizer, various side dishes, and a homemade dessert or plate of s’mores. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are also on the menu.

The Backcountry Hut fits 20 guests, and folks 12 and up are welcome to join the party. And if you’re 18 or older, you can drive your friends in a RZR, too.

A wilderness sleepover

Sometimes, you need more time away from modern stress. “A Night in the Backcountry” treats you to a multi-course dinner, plus an overnight stay and breakfast at Sunrise!

Please note that while you’ll feast like a king, you’ll have to forego a bath. The hut keeps things a tad rustic. Upon your return to the resort, though, you’ll have access to hot showers and Split Rock Pools.

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This post was last updated on March 16, 2022