6 best simple ways to spend a snow day

The Mountain State has the best snow days.

We get a few real humdingers of snow spells every winter. And even if you’re not getting snow where you are, you can always escape to our mountain winter wonderland. (The ski resorts have snow cover pretty much all season, since they make their own.)

Here are some of the best ways to spend a wild, wonderful West Virginia snow day:

1. Hit the slopes

Rediscover your inner child, and hit the slopes. West Virginia has some of the hilliest terrain in America, so rest assured that no matter what town you’re in, there’s probably a local sledding hill nearby. Or, go big with a ski or snowboarding adventure at an Almost Heaven resort.

2. Make snow creations

If sledding down hills still has not satisfied your inner child, get down into the snow for some sculpting. West Virginia’s snow is heavy and wet— so it’s amazing for building snow forts, snowmen and other creations.

Bonus points if you can sculpt a regional West Virginia icon like the WVU Mountaineer or Mothman.

3. Walk around town

Something as simple as going for a walk becomes a magical experience in heavy snow. There’s barely any traffic, and folks just seem to bond a bit more under the shared snowy wonder.

If you’re in a small town with a cool business area like Fayetteville, Sutton, Lewisburg or even in a bigger city like Charleston, there’s a chance that your favorite diner or coffee shop might even be open. Walk on in and have a hot cup of coffee or some dessert; you’ve earned it with the calories you’ve burned.

Appalachian cooking with butter and flour

4. Cook, bake, eat

Snow can free up your day to try out that new recipe. Go Mountain-State style with local ingredients, and you’ll have the best snow day eats imaginable. Fresh-baked biscuits with local honey, pie with local apples, chicken and dumplings with free-range poultry. Is your stomach growling yet?

5. Help out

This one’s our favorite. Spread some Appalachian kindness, wherever you are. Grab your snow shovel and boots, and help folks in your neighborhood shovel their sidewalks.

Latte in a mug at TipTop in Thomas, West Virginia

6. Relax

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just doing nothing as you watch the snow pile outside your mountain cabin window. Make sure you have some West Virginia goodies on hand, like Holl’s chocolates, some selections of beers by Mountain State Brewing Company or Greenbrier Valley Brewing, and Black Dog Coffee.

Fire up the wood stove and tune in for an episode of Mountain Stage on the radio.

Discover the best of winter in West Virginia.

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This post was last updated on March 16, 2022