Sip, Enjoy & Unwind with these Unique West Virginia Made Spirits

Sip on unique West Virginia made spirits year-round in Almost Heaven. From moonshine to whiskey, distilleries around the state have crafted incredible, award-winning spirits for everyone to enjoy. Whether you enjoy the classics or something a little out-of-the-box, you can create tasty cocktails with these spirits, and they will be the star of any party or dinner.

Smooth Ambler Spirits

Using state-of-the-art equipment and the finest American ingredients, Smooth Ambler Spirits creates incredible artisan spirits. Using their dedicated process, Smooth Ambler Spirits has been able to create impeccable spirits including Big Level Bourbon, Old Scout Single Barrel Select, Old Scout American Whiskey, Smooth Ambler Contradiction and Old Scout Single Barrel Bourbon.

Appalachian Distillery

Mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled on site, Appalachian Distillery produces sour mash whiskey using all West Virginia made products. Appalachian Distillery’s spirits include Original Appalachian Whiskey, Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey and eleven flavors of moonshine including paw paw, apple pie, blackberry, coffee and more.

Kirkwood Winery and Isaiah Morgan Distillery

Crafting small batches of corn whiskey, Isaiah Morgan Distillery’s spirits include Southern Moon Rye and Grappa. Also, onsite, is Kirkwood Winery, which produces red, white, fruit, port and many other wines. While here, visitors can enjoy tours and tastings at the vineyards, winery and Isaiah Morgan Distillery.

Still Hollow Spirits

A farm-to-bottle distillery, Still Hollow Spirits specializes in traditional mountain style whiskey as well as unique botanical infusions. Their one-of-a-kind spirits include corn whiskey, rye whiskey, ginseng moonshine, cranberry moonshine and mint moonshine. To learn more about Still Hollow Spirits schedule a tour and get a taste of their mountain spirits.

Black Draft Distillery

A grain-to-glass craft distillery, Black Draft Distillery produces whiskey and bourbon using unique and all natural ingredients. Sip on Black Draft Distillery’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey, First Harvest Moonshine, Rise and Shine Moonshine and White Julep Moonshine. Visit Black Draft Distillery for tours and tastings and learn some cocktail tips along the way.

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This post was last updated on March 18, 2022