Don’t Miss these Seasonal Finds at Almost Heaven Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets around West Virginia carry fresh, local produce throughout the year – but especially in spring and summer. Local markets are home to seasonal products that are picked at the peak of freshness.


Sweet corn is most prominent in West Virginia from July to August. At the Morgantown Farmers Market, a number of vendors will bring corn in August and September. Cheslock Farms and Lee Farms both share with the Morgantown community.


Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg is home to pick-your-own produce of all varieties. But the farm puts on a show in April and May when the peach trees blossom and color the are with bright pink petals. Shortly after the the peach trees blossom, the apple trees follow!


Strawberries are sold by the flat at many Almost Heaven farmers markets. Spring Valley Farm and Orchard, located just outside of Romney, grows more than 180 acres in fruits and 140 in vegetables. A favorite, though, is always the strawberries which usually pop up between May and June.


Whether you’re after beefsteak, cherry, green or heirloom tomatoes, Gritt’s Farm carries all of these in the spring and summer. The Buffalo, West Virginia, farm products three seasons per year and the tomatoes always have people talking.

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This post was last updated on March 17, 2022