Featured summertime checklist part of West Virginia’s 155th sticker-sharing birthday campaign

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia Tourism Office today unveiled the top 155 ways to see, explore and experience summer in West Virginia. These summertime musts were compiled from user-generated social content leading up to West Virginia’s 155th birthday.

The 2018 state birthday campaign features exclusive Almost Heaven stickers and encourages travel across in the Mountain State.

“Today, we celebrate 155 years of our beautiful mountain mama, winding country roads and iconic Almost Heaven escape we’re all lucky to call home,” Tourism Commissioner Chelsea Ruby said. “After the success of last year’s #AlmostHeaven campaign, we wanted to continue the momentum and make West Virginia’s 155th our biggest birthday celebration yet! Thanks to your help, we were able to do just by showcasing all of the iconic places, businesses and events that make her #AlmostHeaven.”

To date, the Tourism Office has distributed 25,000 Almost Heaven stickers to more than 250 official sticker stops across the state. And the requests for more just keep coming.

Since the first stickers arrived in the mail, both residents and visitors alike have been traveling, exploring and posting pictures of their stickers alongside their favorite views, stops and summertime activities. This influx of summertime travel has helped guide and shape the Tourism Office’s top 155 checklist.

“Since we launched the campaign, I’ve seen Almost Heaven stickers nearly everywhere I go – on cars in front of me, on water bottles of friends posting pictures after a hot summer hike, on rafts coming off our roaring whitewater, and to be honest, I’ve proudly been sporting one on my stroller all summer long.”

“It’s these types of genuine, Mountain State moments that we need to be talking about, which is why I’m thrilled to unveil today’s top list of ways to experience West Virginia at her best this summer.”

The featured post includes 155 of West Virginians’ favorite summertime activities, events and attractions – from iconic summertime stops, like Blackwater Falls and must-see music events, like Charleston’s Mountain Stage, to can’t miss fairs and festivals across the state. This is by far the only list you’ll need as you plan your summertime explorations in the Mountain State.

“I encourage everyone to see how many stops and activities you can check off by the end of summer! And don’t forget to take your stickers with you everywhere you go and post pictures using #AlmostHeaven.”

To see who’s featured in the top 155, click here.

About West Virginia Tourism Office

The West Virginia Tourism Office, an agency of the West Virginia Department of Commerce, aims to promote West Virginia as a leading four-season travel destination and top state to live, work and retire.

Known as the Mountain State, West Virginia is one of the most scenic states in the nation and is home to the beautiful Monongahela National Forest, six national parks, and 45 state parks and forests. In addition to its majestic mountains and rolling hills, West Virginia is full of rich historical sites, enchanting art galleries, charming towns and an immense sense of belonging found only in its heaven-like landscapes.

For more information about West Virginia, and to plan your trip, visit www.WVtourism.com.

This post was last updated on July 26, 2018