West Virginia Tourism Office Call for Artist Submissions

The West Virginia Tourism Office is requesting proposal submissions from artists and graphic designers for the design and implementation of a mural at the I-77 Welcome Center in Williamstown. The mural comes as part of a larger project to improve the customer experience at welcome centers across the state, showcasing the best of Almost Heaven.

Project Overview

The proposed mural shall be installed on one identified wall inside the 1-77 Welcome Center. The wall is currently composed of painted cinder block and has several door frames that need to be considered throughout the design. Below, you will find pictures, exact specifications and measurements.

As mentioned above, this mural project is a part of a larger project to improve overall visitor experience at the Welcome Center.  There will be a public unveiling once all projects are complete, but we ask that all any sketches or information regarding the mural remain confidential until an official announcement is made.

Project Terms

All copyrights shall belong to the West Virginia Tourism Office.

The selected artist is expected to provide assistance, on an as-needed basis, for the artwork for up to one year in such emergent situations that the aesthetic integrity of the mural is compromised. Materials will be provided in such instances.

Project Scope & Deliverables


The project should achieve the following goals:

  • Improve the overall aesthetic of the 1-77 Welcome Center
  • Provide an attractive view and interactive element to encourage guests to stop for pictures
  • Generate interest and awareness of public art and activities available in the Mid-Ohio Valley region.
  • Indicate to travelers their arrival and provide a warm welcome to Almost Heaven, West Virginia.


Additionally, the mural’s design proposal should artistically incorporate one or more of the following themes:

Almost Heaven | Scenic Beauty | Outdoor Recreation | Local History | Local Arts & Culture


The artist will be required to incorporate the Tourism Office logo and URL into the mural. Additionally, a style guide, including color palette, will be provided to interested artists so all aesthetics are aligned with the Almost Heaven brand.


The project shall be implemented in two phases:

  • Once the artist is selected, he or she will work with the Tourism Office to finalize their design based on his or her proposal.
  • The selected artist will collaborate with the Tourism Office team to implement the proposed design onto the wall of the I-77 Welcome Center.

Project Specifications

The wall is 53’ wide x 8’ high.

If you reference this photo, please note that’s the width from left of the women’s restroom door to the right of the exit door on the far right.  It’s the height above the stone, but below the wood beam.

Note: The wall will be primed and ready for paint once an artist is selected.

Submission Format

This request is for conceptual development. Submissions should include design concepts and an estimated budget for materials and construction. Please include relevant qualifications concerning past experience with public art projects.

Estimated budget should not exceed $5,000 including materials. Payment to selected artist will be made upon completion of work. Installation shall be complete by May 22, 2019.

Submissions should include a cover sheet with contact information, a one-page written description, sketches of the artist’s concept, and images of at least three works that he or she has previously produced. Additional imagery/drawings/sketches will be accepted as supporting materials, but are not required.

Overall, submissions should briefly outline the following:

  • Artist’s abilities
  • Artist’s vision for project
  • Scalability/phasing
  • Experience with similar projects

Project Timeline

Submission Deadline: 5 p.m. on Friday, April 26, 2019

Artist Selection: Week of April 29

Note: All submissions will be reviewed and judged by a selection committee, comprised of representatives from the West Virginia Tourism Office, the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture & History and Tamarack.

Artwork Completion Deadline: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Submission Information

Submissions can be delivered by mail, email or in person to

West Virginia Tourism Office

Attn: Jaden Hardesty

1900 Kanawha Blvd. E

Building 3, Suite 100

Charleston, WV 25305

Please contact Jaden with any questions at Jaden.C.Hardesty@wv.gov or call 304-957-9208.



This post was last updated on April 18, 2019