Point Pleasant

Situated at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers, Point Pleasant has long been an important transportation hub, dating back to colonial times. Many know of Point Pleasant as the home of the Mothman — an eerie mythical monster, but there’s much more to this city than just spooky urban legends. Today, it’s got more than enough local flavor for visitors, with great festivals, museums, restaurants, and more.


You won’t go hungry in Point Pleasant. Locals love the authentic Mexican food and generous portions at Rio Bravo 2. There’s great local pizza at the Village Pizza Inn where pies are piled high with peppers, cheese, mushrooms, sausage and more. For hearty home cooking, check out Stewarts Country Kitchen and Bakery. The everchanging menu features tasty sandwiches, fresh baked goods, salads and soups. 


For a small river town, Point Pleasant knows how to put on great festivals. The Mothman Festival, held every September, is an iconic celebration of an unknown paranormal being said to be seen around town. They also host a Sternwheel Regatta every July that includes classic river boats, beauty pageants and outdoor concerts.


Like many historic towns, Point Pleasant has great antiquing. The Mason Jar is a local institution that is a true step into the past for browsers and shoppers alike. Be prepared to spend at least an hour there. Then, stop by Counter Point Cooperative for some local West Virginia goods! This creative retail co-op houses various goods and apparel made by local artists and vendors.


It may be more of a river town than a mountain town, but there’s still plenty of outdoor recreation in Point Pleasant. There’s a short, 5-mile bike loop that winds through downtown from the local high school to Tu-Endie-Wei State Park. At the park, take a few minutes to walk around the monuments and beautiful scenery at the junction of the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. “Tu-Endie-Wei” is a Wyandotte word meaning “point between two waters.” Just a few miles away, sportsmen will be interested in the wetlands of the McClintic Wildlife Management Area, or the more hilly terrain of the Chief Cornstalk Wildlife Management Area.


Point Pleasant has long been situated at an important junction — geographically and historically. Some historians consider the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774 to have been one of the first conflicts of the American Revolution. There are plenty of museums and attractions in town where you can take in all facets of the region’s history. Fort Randolph is a recreated Revolution-era frontier stockade. The Mansion House Museum is a small historic house museum in Tu-Endie-Wei that was originally a tavern. Just across the street is the town’s river history museum, with great exhibits of boat replicas and equipment through the years. And, of course, there’s the famous Mothman Museum.


After you’ve worn yourself out eating, shopping and learning all about the town, you may be looking for a warm bed to fall asleep in. The Lowe Hotel in downtown dates back to 1901, with charming historic decor and furniture. A visit to the Lowe gives a step back in time with today’s conveniences. The current owners are always working to add personal touches and upgrade the hotel.

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