Explore Autumn Adventures at Pipestem Resort State Park

Enjoy the natural beauty of West Virginia’s fall season with the endless amount of fun-filled adventure options offered at Pipestem Resort State Park. Whether you’re looking for a quick day trip or want to explore one of the most ideal destinations for a 3-day weekend in West Virginia with the family, this spot has all the activities you could ever imagine. Read on to discover 10 of our top picks for the best autumn adventures at Pipestem.

1. Axe Throwing

Tests your skills and feel an adrenaline rush as you try to stick your axe into a wooden target. Play a variety of throwing games such as traditional high-score, race to 21 or Around the World. Need help perfecting your technique? Don’t worry, there will be a throwing pro on hand at all times.

2. Zipline

Swing among the autumn treetops with the Pipestem Peaks Zipline Tour complete with 9 different ziplines, a cable bridge and belay system. Glide from one platform to the next and feel the crisp breeze and you gain speeds up to 50 mph with lines exceeding 1,000 feet in length.

3. Laser Tag

Check out the award-winning Laser Tag where a warehouse area is transformed into a futuristic battlefield with black lights illuminating a universe of florescent colors. Hide behind barriers and climb over obstacles to help your team come out on top.

4. Disc Golf

One of the fastest growing sports in the world can also be found at Pipestem in the fall. The front nine holes provide practice for first-time players, while the back nine wind through hills and wooded areas and chalk up to be much more difficult.

5. Horseback Riding

Saddle up and immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the fall season in West Virginia with a scenic horseback ride. Choose your desired trip with options ranging from half hour trail rides to overnight camp out. Pony rides and hay rides are also available for little adventurers.

6. Rock Climbing & Repelling

Feel the excitement in reaching the rock mountaintop and overlooking the Bluestone Gorge below with a guided rock climbing tour. Certified guides are on staff to teach you the needed skills to summit the rock. All necessary climbing gear is included along with a drink and snacks.

7. 3D Archery

Explore the archery course full of life-sized wildlife targets like elk, bear, deer and boar as you venture through some of the most beautiful and remote locations found at Pipestem State Park. Whether you’re only a beginner or a long-time expert hunter, here you’ll be sure to find all the right shots.

8. Mini Golf

Don’t miss out a this classic game of fun, mini golf is a favorite among guests of all ages. Take on the challenges of the 18-hole course on display in an engaging, West Virginia theme.

9. E-Bike Tour

Have your chance at some of the newest technology in mountain biking with a ride on an electric bike. Ride longer, father and feel the ease as you travel along the park trails that showcase amazing fall views. Tour guides will point out the best spots and share interesting information along the way.

10. Skeet Shooting

Sight in your shotgun and set your aim as the clay pigeon targets are launches overhead. Shoot as many as you can with a round of 25 shells. Guides will assist with safety procedures and rentals, however guests are also free to bring their own equipment.

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This post was last updated on July 24, 2023