Late Winter Adventure in Almost Heaven

Springtime in West Virginia is quickly approaching and soon our frosty hues will turn into fresh, green foliage. As nature holds on to the remnants of winter, enjoy the season’s best while you can. Whether that’s shredding the slopes or running away to a cozy cabin, strap up your snow boots one last time for these late winter adventures in Almost Heaven.

Winter Hiking

Take advantage of the last bit of winter and wander into those snow-dusted evergreens. The wintry waterfalls of the Blackwater River, frostbitten mountains in Grandview and snow-laden paths within Little Beaver State Park all await you. However, they won’t wait for long. Greet that crisp winter air of the Appalachian mountains while you still can.

Cozy Cabin Stays

The crackle of a glowing fireplace, the aroma of freshly made hot chocolate and the comfort of your favorite fuzzy blanket– all of these things make up a cozy stay in Almost Heaven. Wintertime in West Virginia sets the perfect mood for venturing off to a cuddly, warm cabin. Revel in this kind of cozy atmosphere at ACE Adventure Resort. This resort provides a variety of chalets, cabins and log homes to suit your need for a late winter adventure. Or venture off the beaten path and hurry over to The Country Cabin Farm Retreat to soak up the end of winter in Almost Heaven.

cozy wv canin

Snow Sports

This may be your last chance to shred those snowy slopes this year. Soon, we’ll be trading boards for bikes, snow boots for tennis shoes and warm coats for T-shirts. Before you switch out your wardrobe, experience the last bit of that West Virginia winter adrenaline. Tucker County’s Canaan Valley Resort State Park and Timberline Mountain have a combined 84 slopes for you to choose from. You may not get to shred them all this year, but winter adventure will wait with you until next year.

A snowboarder in the air at Snowshoe

Heartwarming Historic Towns

Experience the last bit of winter in one of Almost Heaven’s snowy, historic towns. With a backdrop of sparkling snow, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park transforms into the town you’d find in your favorite antique snowglobe. Grab your winter coat for one last snowy stroll on those weathered streets. You can also retreat to a winter rail station in the Alderson Historic District. In addition to this restored rail station, the district also boasts its 165 snow-coated historical and archaeologically-significant buildings. Both of these historic towns will be enough to warm your heart one more time this season.

How will you enjoy the remnant of the winter season? Check out our travel guide to get more inspiration for your late winter adventure.

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This post was last updated on February 25, 2022