Keep Cozy With These 10 Wintertime Craft Brews

It’s no surprise that Almost Heaven is home to crowd-pleasing craft brews and natural flavors. With distinctive local ingredients and an abundance of different brewing styles, both visitors and locals alike will get the ultimate beer-drinking experience no matter their flavor preference. 

As the weather’s cooling down, we’re getting more and more excited to cozy up indoors and feel the warmth of these boozy bubbles. Here is a list of 10 cozy wintertime craft beers for the winter season: 

1. Dry Creek ESB

A warm copper-colored strong bitter, Dry Creek ESB from Big Draft Brewing is packed with bready malts and nicely balanced hops. The English-Style Pale Ale is known for its welcomed balance and the interplay between malt and hops bitterness.

This brew pairs perfectly with Roasted Chicken, Fish and Chips, English-Style Cheeses and a festive Maple Bread Pudding. With a 6.3% ABV and no IBU, this brew is charming for sipping with friends and family while creating lively new holiday memories in the Greenbrier Valley.

2. The Funky Beet

An unbeatable hometown classic, The Funky Beet is a sour ale keg conditioned with beet juice and perfect for sipping by the fire. If you’re a pickled beet lover this is definitely the beer for you. 

With a 4.2% ABV, this isn’t the strongest beer available, but it packs a thirst-quenching and flavorful punch. The Funky Beet is brewed by Abolitionist Ale Works in Charles Town

3. Almost Heaven Amber Ale

Nut brown in color and lightly hopped with Willamette, the Almost Heaven Amber Ale is dominated by a pleasing caramel finish that is darn close to heavenly. One of the more popular beers nationwide, the name of the brew stems from John Denver’s musical classic, Country Roads.

Offering 5.2% ABV and no IBU, you could bundle up on your back porch, gaze at the snow covered mountains and sip away. You can find this treat being brewed at Mountain State Brewing Co. in Thomas

4. Broad Shoulders

Created by family-owned Short Story Brewing, Broad Shoulders is dry stout with notes of black coffee, bakers’ chocolate and roasted toffee. When taking a sip of this rich brew, expect a full-bodied mouthfeel and hints of creamy flavor.

Stop by this Morgantown watering hole to get a pint of this stout or grab a can to be enjoyed by a cozy fireplace.

5. Roedy’s Red American Amber Ale

Roedy’s Red American Amber Ale is a flagship brew and is a classic American amber with bold hop and malt characteristics. Traditional two-row and caramel malts create its inviting body while Warrior and Amarillo hops give personality to its aroma and finish. 

With 6.5% ABV, this is a craft beer you surely don’t want to skip out on. North End Tavern’s spirited craft beer has won state-wide competitions including several People’s Choice Awards. 

6. Strawberry Beret Chocolate/Strawberry Stout

This stout has a silky body encompassed with dark chocolate, oats and roasted barley. This brew can only be found in Parkersburg during select months, so keep your eyes peeled for winter tap changes.

Coming in as one of the most popular seasonal craft brews on the list, Parkersburg Brewing Company’s memorable Strawberry Beret is absolutely unbeatable. Giving off a sweet strawberry aftertaste, this is the perfect brew for any date night or special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

7. Elderberry Infused Hard Cider

A delicious bourbon barrel-aged hard cider that is perfect for winter activities like skiing or tubing, the Elderberry Infused Hard Cider is a drink you will want to take home with you. With a 10% ABV and traditional Appalachian elderberries, your taste buds will be overwhelmed by classic West Virginia flavors. 

Hawk Knob’s processes are traditional and their ciders are unfiltered; expect and enjoy some bottle sediment and seasonal variation with each sip.

8. South Park Porter

The robust South Park Porter is black colored, boasting nutty and malty flavors/aromas, while finishing with a slightly sweet, slightly piney character from late addition Chinook hops. There is little to no aftertaste with this clever brew, and is highly sought after by porter lovers. 

A fun brew with 5.8% ABV and 39 IBU located at Chestnut Brew Works in Mountaineer Country

9. Death Wind

An ode to West Virginia legend, Lewis Wetzel, Death Wind uses only one type of hop, but hits the taste buds in multiple ways, offering an extremely hop-forward flavor and aroma. A refreshing, crisp, pale ale, with tropical notes of passion fruit and beautiful white head—this brew is a hop lover’s pale ale. 

Perfect for reminiscing on the summer months, this craft beer has a light, bright and very easy-going sip for a 6.5% AVB and 45 IBU. Find this cool brew at Brew Keepers in Wheeling

10. Over the Tip Top Breakfast Stout

Partnering with TipTop Coffee Shop, Stumptown Ales has created the perfect “breakfast stout.” Brewed with cocoa nibs from Ghana, baker’s chocolate and rich coffee this deep stout is sure to catch your attention.

Explore all that Davis has to offer after sampling this brew ringing in at 8% ABV from Stumptown Ales.

However you prefer your beer, West Virginia’s craft brewing culture offers something for you. It’s a no brainer, if you love craft beer, you have to try these unrivaled classics. 

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This post was last updated on May 17, 2023