THIS is the best time to learn to ski & snowboard in West Virginia

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at skiing or snowboarding, West Virginia is the perfect place to begin. January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, which is a national snowsports initiative established to encourage people to try skiing and snowboarding. Each year, the governor of West Virginia signs a proclamation declaring the month of January as Learn to Ski and Snowboard month. So, grab those skis and hit the slopes!

Each year the beautiful mountains of West Virginia receive over 15 feet of snow annually, and the resorts in West Virginia offer many snowsports including skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and ice skating.

Where to learn to ski and snowboard:

Resorts in West Virginia offer special deals for beginners during this month. But, if January flies by and you don’t get a chance ski or snowboard, don’t worry! Many of these deals last until early April. Just call in advance and book your trip!

Canaan Valley Resort

Located in Davis, the Canaan Valley Resort Ski School will offer a free introductory group lesson for skiing or snowboarding as part of Learn to Ski and Snowboard month. Just purchase a lift ticket at regular rate midweek, non-holiday (Monday-Friday) during the month of January. Lessons are 1.25 hours long and teach the basics of skiing and snowboarding. Advanced reservations are required so call 304-866-4121, ext. 2630 so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Snowshoe Mountain

Located in Snowshoe, the Snowshoe Mountain Ski and Snowboard School offers private lessons, group lessons and kids lessons for both skiing and snowboarding. Lessons vary in length and are in one-hour, two-hour, three-hour and five-hour segments. To book a lesson call 877-441-4386 today!

Winterplace Resort

Located in Ghent/Flat Top, the Winterplace Ski and Snowboard School offers group and private lessons for both skiing and snowboarding. The Winterplace Ski and Snowboard School also offers an adaptive program that is designed for people with disabilities. Lesson vary from 60 minutes, 90 minutes and two hours. Winterplace Ski and Snowboard School guarantees that you will learn how to ski or snowboard or you can take the class again for free! Call 1-800-607-SNOW to learn more!

Oglebay Resort

Located in Wheeling, Oglebay Resort offers ski and snowboard lessons for both adults and children and offers ski and snowboarding clinics each Saturday. Lessons and clinics include rental equipment for the day and a 10 percent discount on lift ticket, for those who wish to ski for the day. Call 304-243-4049 for more information about lessons and clinics today!

First Time Ski and Snowboard Tips:

  1. Dress appropriately! You’ll want to wear many layers to protect yourself from the cold and snow. Water proof gloves and googles are a must so that you can get the most out of your experience.
  2. Your ski boots should fit comfortably and snugly. When you try your boots on make sure you wear only one pair of medium-weight or light-weight socks so that you can get the best fit for yourself.
  3. Warm up and hydrate before you begin! Skiing and snowboarding are both exhilarating and strenuous winter sports. So, do some light stretching and hydrate before you begin and don’t forget to take breaks during your experience too.
  4. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your experience! To get the most out of your experience take lessons to gain your confidence on the slopes and don’t forget to follow the rules. Now go grab a friend and hit the slopes!

Which resort are you hitting first?

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This post was last updated on July 30, 2020