Get in the #AlmostHeaven Spirit

Even though we may not be going to concerts or visiting art shows, there are many ways to get in the #AlmostHeaven spirit! Luckily, many of our local artists in West Virginia are still producing music and art for you to enjoy while social distancing. Let their art inspire your next trip through the mountains or embolden your connection to West Virginia with these simple tips.

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Soak up some Almost Heaven tunes

In today’s world of digital downloads and streaming, getting ahold of irresistible mountain music is easier than ever! Close your eyes and be transported to West Virginia, through a few simple smartphone taps. There is no better way to get in the spirit of adventure and wonder than soaking up some earthy tunes.

Bonus: Check out our Spotify playlists that are sure to get you in the mood for some adventure as you plan your next visit to Almost Heaven.

Surround yourself with beauty

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Whether you are looking for unique prints or handmade pieces of pottery, many local artists have set up virtual stores that you can check out from home. Having some locally created pieces in your home or office will help you remember the place where you belong.

Feeling inspired? When you are ready to travel, plan a cultural tour through some of West Virginia’s most distinct arts towns.

Curate your life’s soundtrack

Taking in some mountain air or enjoying a small town can truly rejuvenate your spirit. While you plan your next life-changing expedition to Almost Heaven, queue up the perfect background music. Full of songs that represent the essence of West Virginia this playlist will inspire your future travels.

Roll down the windows and turn up the volume on your next country roads trip. You will enjoy your perfectly crafted playlist inspired by Almost Heaven’s scenic views.

This post was last updated on August 3, 2020