Gauley Season: Experience West Virginia’s World-Class Whitewater

Gauley Season

Whitewater rafting and West Virginia – the two are basically synonymous. Year after year, thousands of rafters flock to the Mountain State for whitewater adventure; it is a tradition that’s been occurring since the 1960s. However, as Fall creeps closer each year, the annual anticipation and excitement builds for what’s truly whitewater heaven in West Virginia. Every September beginning the weekend after Labor Day, the Summersville Dam executes a series of scheduled releases into the Gauley River.

These releases continue through October and transform the Gauley River into one of the most intense whitewater rivers in the world – thus giving us “Gauley Season.” This annual occurrence gives rafters the chance to adventure down iconic Class V rapids like Insignificant Rapid, Pillow Rock Rapid, Lost Paddle Rapid, and Sweet’s Falls Rapid. Outfitters all along the river offer packages to run the legendary Gauley.

The Gauley is so renown that it was the home of the 2018 United State Whitewater Championships. Gauley Season isn’t just a rafting experience. This beloved season was recently designated the official fifth season in West Virginia and people from around the country look forward to it each year.  For many, it’s a reunion they look forward to year after year. Don’t miss out on the fun. Start planning your Gauley Season run today.

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