The Third Annual West Virginia Food Truck Festival is just around the Corner

One day a year, food trucks from around West Virginia will gather in Putnam County for the West Virginia Food Truck Festival.

Seventeen delicious food trucks will attend the Third Annual West Virginia Food Truck Festival: The Twisted Taco, Boondini, Island Teriyaki, Mmm, Tropical Snow, Taste of Heaven Lemonade, The Sideline Grille, Sno Biz of Ripley, Mountain Que, Saved By Grace BBQ, Kevin & Cathleen’s Snack Shack, Belknap Dough Company, Diehl’s Pig Shack, Gritts Gourmet, Southside Sliders, Happy Belly Foods, and Ol’ School Concessions.

The festival will be held April 13 at the Eleanor Park & Fairgrounds in Eleanor. Hosted by the Putnam County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Eleanor, this event will feature the food trucks, as well as musicians like The Company Stores, William Matheny and more.

Admission price is $35 in advance and includes access to the food trucks, four vouchers for full-size items, a frisbee plate and live music. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.

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This post was last updated on March 17, 2022