Event Listing Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Event listings on WVtourism.com must abide by following guidelines:

  • Events must attract and inspire visitors to come to West Virginia and its destinations.
  • Events must be tourism-related and attract visitors from outside the immediate area (e.g. 50-mile radius).
  • Events must be open to the general public and actively marketed to audiences statewide, regionally and/or nationwide.
  • Events must have a website or link dedicated to the event.
  • Events must showcase unique West Virginia character and heritage and provide activities or interest to travelers.
  • “Almost Heaven” cannot be used in the event title or descripted as the words “Almost Heaven” are trademarked by the West Virginia Department of Tourism. You can request usage via the Partner Portal.

All submissions will be reviewed by the West Virginia Department of Tourism to ensure event criteria is met and that the information is helpful for travelers. The West Virginia Department of Tourism reserves the right to edit, modify, restrict or remove listings at any time without notification.

Required Information

Each event listing must include the following components:

  • Complete physical address (No P.O Boxes; GPS system should be able to find this address)
  • Organizer Phone Number
  • Event Website
  • Event Venue Contact Information
  • A complete and detailed description in paragraph form – 500 word maximum of copy describing your event. Please proofread your work for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Hours of operation
  • Logo (450×300)
  • A high-resolution photo that relates to your listing (1024×768)

Events that do not meet the criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Local businesses or social gatherings
  • Civic, club and community meetings, conferences and activities
  • Family or class reunions; church picnics or special events
  • Multiweek classes/summer camps
  • Retail sales and yard sales not associated with a unique tourism event
  • Pageants, other than statewide or regional pageants
  • Retail and/or mall activities
  • Events directed toward limited and/or specific audiences
  • Highschool sporting events

Navigation to Listings in the Partner Portal

A statewide events calendar is available on WVtourism.com. For access to create event listings, tourism businesses or organizations must register to become an industry partner of the West Virginia Department of Tourism and sign up for the partner portal. The Department of Tourism partner portal allows partners to add detailed descriptions, images and event information tor submission on the statewide calendar populated on WVtourism.com.

Once a tourism business becomes a industry partner and their business listing is approved, partners will be able to access their event listing from the ‘Event Listing’ tab in the Partner Portal.

Please note that once an event is submitted, it cannot be edited by a partner. If you are an industry partner that needs to claim an existing event listing and/or need to make edits to a listing in which you do not have portal access, contact our team at TourismListings@wv.gov.

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