Dear world: You’re eating your dogs all wrong!

Here in West Virginia, we put our own spin on a national food staple.

A “WV dog” is usually topped with slaw, mustard (yellow, of course, not brown), chopped onions and “sauce” (also called chili, depending on where you are. But it’s not quite chili, either, because it doesn’t have the beans.) But the exact combination varies across the state.

A good sauce is an essential part of a true WV dog – which is why Custard Stand hot dog chili is a local necessity for a weekend barbecue or even just a family dinner.

It started as a take-out restaurant in Webster Springs, and when customers kept asking to buy their chili, Custard Stand Food Products was born.Their exposure on ABC’s “Shark Tank” skyrocketed the already beloved business. You can find their sauce and other foods in grocery stores across the state, or one of their 6 restaurants.

West Virginia hot dog

You can also find this delicacy at quirky hot dog stands in just about every small town, gas station, and bustling hot dog cart during summer lunch hours, like Super Weenie in downtown Charleston.

People from all over flock to downtown Huntington to celebrate the WV dog every year during the West Virginia Hot Dog Festival, which is always the last Saturday of July. 12 of the area’s finest hot dog vendors come together for a day of fun.

The festival has food, contests, live entertainment, displays, a 10k and 5k Bun Run, and the Buns on Bikes Tour.

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This post was last updated on March 16, 2022