Bear Cave Camp

Tornado, West Virginia

About Us
Bear Cave Camp is a hidden treasure located on 60 forested acres hidden in West Virginia's Lincoln County holler yet conveniently located along a rarely traveled paved public road that overlooks one of many homesteads with livestock that dot Tornado's back roads. Whether you seek a back-to-nature family escape with Fido, a solitary sojourn, or a team building adventure, your hosts, wife and husband team Laura and Joe, have created a private haven for creating memories!

Our Mission
Bear Cave Camp's mission is twofold. One, create an environment where families are inspired to engage in mindful togetherness with each other and with Mother Nature. Two, provide veterans with a haven where they can experience gratitude and healing plus honor them with our 50% every-day-discount.

IMAGINE what it would be like to turn off the television and instead venture outdoors to discover the path for a rippling brook.

IMAGINE what it would be like to shut down the laptop and instead rest against a boulder to listen to a rustling mountain and her inhabitants.

IMAGINE muting phones to instead enjoy mindful togetherness, with each other and with Mother Nature.

Experience what it feels like when time slows down.

Make a memory.

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