Discover New Depths in Almost Heaven at These Caves and Caverns

If you’ve been craving a new experience, West Virginia is home to an array of one-of-a-kind adventures. Bring out the inner explorer in you and discover the incredible caves and caverns located underground in Almost Heaven. Follow along with trained guides and explore the beautiful depths of West Virginia. From incredible formations to rich histories, amazing sights await you at these caves and caverns.

Lost World Caverns

Lewisburg, West Virginia

Discovered in 1942, the incredible Lost World Caverns are 1.25 miles in length and have a depth of 235 feet. Visitors can choose from two different tours: the Cave Tour and the Wild Cave Tour.

The Cave Tour is a self-guided tour and takes you on a half-mile walk through the caverns. Signs line the trail and explain the different formations you will see. The Wild Cave Tour is an adventurous, four-hour guided tour to the deepest, darkest corners of the cavern. Look out for incredible formations like the Snowy Chandelier, a 30-ton compound stalactite and the Bridal Veil, an incredible column of sparkling white calcite.

Organ Cave

Caldwell, West Virginia

A National Natural Landmark as well as a National Landmark of Historic Places, Organ Cave is a must-see for all. Organ Cave has more than 45 miles of mapped passages, which makes it a great location to go exploring. Visitors to Organ Cave can enjoy the Formation Trail Tour, the Civil War Trail Tour or the Walking Museum Tour. For those a little more adventurous, exploring expeditions are also available. These expeditions allow you to go further into the depths of the cave for a unique experience.

Smoke Hole Caverns

Cabins, West Virginia

Smoke Hole Caverns is a must-visit for any explorer. Rich with history, the caverns were once used by the Seneca Indians to smoke wild game and were also used by settlers and immigrants to make corn whiskey. Guided tours are available and lead you along to view incredible stalactites, columns, draperies, helictites and more. Gemstone mining is also available and is the perfect chance to go on a treasure hunt for amethyst, rubies, emeralds and more.

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This post was last updated on July 14, 2023