Did You Know: One of America’s Oldest Amusement Parks is located in Huntington

Did you know that West Virginia is home to one of 13 remaining trolley parks in the United States? Built in 1903, Camden Park was originally built as a trolley park where riders traveling between Huntington and other nearby tri-state cities would stop to change train lines. More than 100 years later, it has provided thrills and memories that last a lifetime. Located on the outskirts of Huntington along the banks of the Ohio River, Camden Park is West Virginia’s only amusement park – home to more than 25 rides and attractions.

After a short time, the park incorporated a carousel and other roadside attractions. Over the years, the park became a staple of the tri-state area and a favorite for visitors of all ages. The park operates from May to October and hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Popular attractions include a full size traditional roller coaster called “The Big Dipper,” its smaller counterpart appropriately named “The Lil’ Dipper,” as well as numerous children’s rides and games. Camden Park was even featured in Bethesda Game Studios’ 2018 release “Fallout 76” as a location you can visit.

Experience a unique piece of American history and get your fill of fun at Camden Park this summer.

Have you visited Camden Park?

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This post was last updated on August 5, 2020