There’s 1 day a year you can zip off the New River Gorge Bridge

You can zipline and rappel year-round in West Virginia, but did you know there’s one special day a year you can slide off the iconic New River Gorge Bridge? And there’s no experience required!

This unique opportunity is offered on Bridge Day, which falls on the third Saturday of every October and is typically associated with the hundreds of BASE jumpers and rappelers who dare to parachute or rappel off the 876-foot-high bridge. While these two activities require skill, experience and equipment, the Bridge Day high line is meant for anyone who wishes to experience the same thrill as the experts.

The guided tour begins on the catwalk beneath the 876-foot-high bridge. Participants will receive a high line orientation and safety briefing and are outfitted with safety harnesses and helmets. High line riders will drop 300 vertical feet while sliding 700 feet down to Fayette Station Road below.

Unlike a regular zipline, your speed of descent is controlled by a Ziplinebelayer to allow for a more leisurely pace. (So you’ll have more time to take the jaw-dropping views and all those beautiful fall colors!)

For more information about the Bridge Day high line, visit

Registration opens several months in advance of each Bridge Day and reservations fill up fast. So, if you didn’t make it in time this year, mark it on your calendar: There’s always next year!

This post was last updated on March 1, 2022