Best desserts in all of West Virginia

Dessert can be the high note to end your meal, or a sweet meal on its own. West Virginia has decadent pies, cakes, pastries, ice cream and more to satisfy your sweetest cravings.

Here’s a delicious list of some of our very favorite West Virginia desserts:

1. Ice cream from The Corner Shop in Bramwell

In the heart of Historic Bramwell, The Corner Shop scoops handmade ice cream in this beautiful soda fountain shop. Well known for their many flavors of ice cream, floats and milkshakes, they also whip up a deliciously decadent ice cream extravaganza: Shiney Eyes, which includes 6 flavors of handmade ice cream with syrups, toppings and whipped cream.

2. Cinnamon rolls from The Dining Room in Inwood

Specializing in breakfast, brunch and lunch, it’s no wonder The Dining Room has the best cinnamon rolls. If you grab one when freshly baked and still warm, they are buttery rich, flaky and absolutely delicious.

IMG_76583. Fried Oreos at Cafe One Ten in Oak Hill

America’s favorite cookie has never been better. No matter how you like to eat an Oreo, you’ll love this lightly battered and deep-fried version with melty filling from Cafe One Ten. It is a taste sensation you will never forget.

4. Old-fashioned pie from Jim’s Spaghetti & Steakhouse in Huntington

This longstanding family-owned diner is famous for their incredible coconut cream and banana cream pies. Every year, they dedicate the week after Mother’s Day as Strawberry Pie Week, and fans flock through the doors to get a slice.

5. Homemade pies from Lost River General Store & Cafe in Lost River

Lost River is serious when it comes to homemade pie. You’ll find all of these delicious pies every day: Key Lime, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie, apple and cherry.

6. Homemade cakes from Delfino’s Pizza & Ice Cream in Oak Hill

You’ll have to stop in regularly to eat your way through all of Delfino’s amazing homemade cakes. Some of our favorites include Caramel Vanilla Oreo Cake, Whopper Cake, Neapolitan Cheesecake and the very chocolatey Ding Dong Cake.

7. Holy Cow Cake from O’Neills in Moorefield

O’Neills has one of the longest lists of homemade desserts and pies of just about any restaurant anywhere, but we had to choose one, and it’s the Holy Cow Cake. This unstoppable cake is a double-layer homemade German chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and Butterfinger candy bars.

DSC_0479(1)8. Humongous Banana Split from the Poky Dot in Fairmont

This is one dessert you’ll definitely want to share. The retro Poky Dot diner piles chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream on top of banana; smothers it with pineapple, strawberry and chocolate sauce; and tops it with whipped cream, nuts and of course, a cherry right on top.

9. Apple Dumplings from Company’s Comin’ Murray’s Downhome Diner in Tunnelton

This diner serves up homemade dumplings with apples, butter and cinnamon, topped with crust and drizzled with syrup. Served with ice cream, whipped cream or both!

10. Chocolate chimichangas from Los Vaqueros in Oak Hill

Los Vaquaros‘ tasty treat is a crispy blend of sweet and savory. This melted chocolate is encased in a crispy, deep-fried tortilla with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Which tasty West Virginia dessert is your favorite?

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This post was last updated on March 15, 2022