The exhilarating backcountry adventure you didn’t know you needed in your life

West Virginia’s Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is one of the East Coast’s wildest and most extensive off-roading trails systems.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is actually a network of 7 different off-road trails systems, each with their own distinct personality, spider webbing for more than 600-miles throughout some of the most pristine corners of southern West Virginia.

While the rugged trail system is loaded with exhilarating escapes for off-road riders, backcountry adventures abound for outdoor lovers of all kinds.

Here are some different reasons to check out these wild, winding trails:


1. Exhilarating ATVing

The Hatfield-McCoy trail is an adventure destination like no other, especially if you like your adventures on a 4-wheeler. ATVs are the most popular way to take the trails, because you can roll anywhere in ‘em.

There’s a run for you whether you are a rugged, rough-rider ready to ramble over some of the Mountain State’s most remote terrain or a newbie taking to the trail for the first time.

Each of the 7 Hatfield-McCoy trails also has a distinctive personality and charm, from iconic Appalachian vistas of the Pinnacle Creek Trail to the white-knuckle twists and turns on the Rockhouse Trail. Each ride is a truly singular experience.

Riding horses through Dolly Sods in autumn, WV

2. Almost Heavenly Horseback Rides

Take a step back to the late 19th century, when the Hatfield-McCoy feud began, and take the trail on horseback. This is one of the most unique and relaxing ways to experience this extensive trail system. Book an adventure with a local outfitter!

3. The Ultimate UTV Trip

From utility-quads to multi-passenger UTVs, off-road adventurers can design the ultimate UTV escape on the network of Hatfield-McCoy trails— with the perfect blend of trail and town. Check out the the abundance of the connector trails and UTV-friendly towns. The accommodations out there mean you never have to stop riding—even at the end of the day.

Plan a fresh-air-filled family adventure on the Bearwallow Trail and book a spot at the adjacent Bearwallow Campground. Ride the rugged Pocahontas Trail and spend grilling out with buddies by the banks of the Bluestone River at the Bramwell ATV Resort. Or hit the Rockhouse Trail and cozy up for a romantic weekend at the nostalgic trailside V-8 Motor Lodge.

Red Jeep Cherokee XJ at Bearwallow, West Virginia

4. Challenging 4×4 or Off-Roading

The Bearwallow Trails are big enough for your full-size off-roading vehicle, but they sure don’t let it off easy! Ride over creek crossings, up steep hillsides and across boulders on terrain that tops out at double black-diamond level.

Bearwallow is already one of the largest off-roading areas for vehicles in the East, and volunteers are continuing to map out new trail mileage, so there’ll be even more to explore on your next trip.

5. The Mountain State’s Premier Dirt Bike Destination

If you’re a dirt biker, the ruggedly splendid 500 miles of West Virginia’s Hatfield-McCoy trails offer an exhilarating way to the see some of the wildest pockets of Mountain State. Even better, the diversity of rideable terrain also make the Hatfield-McCoy Trails essentially West Virginia’s wildest—and most extensive—motocross practice course.

From trails for more intermediate bikers like the Indian Ridge Trail to beginner-friendly tracks like Buffalo Mountain, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails are a dirt biker’s dream. There are also plenty of dirt-bike-friendly digs just steps from the network of trails. Try the Ashland Resort, which is the largest campground in the area and offers access to the Indian Ridge, Pocahontas, and Pinnacle Creek trails, to maximize time spent on the trail.

Craft a Multi-sport Adventure

Use the extensive Hatfield-McCoy Trail system as a jumping-off point for your own unique West Virginia adventure. rock-climbingRambling past some of the state’s multi-sport-laden recreational areas, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails are the perfect portal for anything from rock climbing excursions in the stunning New River Gorge just an hour from the Pinnacle Creek Trail to a round of golf on the 18-hole course at Twin Falls Resort State Park.

The fun doesn’t have to end when you leave the trail for the day. Stay the night at a cozy trailside cabin. Roll your ATV right on up!

Heck, trail-accessible digs aren’t limited to just cabins. Grab a campsite at one of the state parks edging the trails. Or, pamper yourself after a rugged ride in a cozy bed & breakfast or an amenity-loaded lodge, like the Matewan House Bed & Breakfast just minutes from the Buffalo Mountain Trail, or The Armstrong, an upscale option in the town of Pineville, just a short jump from the Pinnacle Creek trailhead.

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This post was last updated on March 16, 2022