Puzzles in the sky: aerial obstacle courses in WV

If you’re looking for a fun, unique challenge for the whole family (or group)— look up!

Aerial challenge courses give everyone a chance to work through obstacles high up in the treetops (strapped in for safety, of course!) From tunnels the kids can crawl through to rope bridges you have to swing to cross— can you complete these fun challenges?

The secret: while strength and agility can help, it’s not really a game of physical skill. Most of these obstacles are more of a puzzle, and anyone can figure them out!

Aerial Forest Adventure Park at Harpers Ferry

This 8-trail challenge course spans 4 beautifully wooded acres, with more than 100 challenge elements. Work at your own pace through ziplines, rope bridges, log bridges and other obstacles of various levels of difficulty. Even the little ones can enjoy The Chicken Little’s course, designed for children age 4 to 6. They can also climb into the treehouse!

Just 1 hour from the Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas, the Aerial Forest Adventure Park at Harpers Ferry a perfect day trip for those daring enough!

TimberTrek Adventure Park

TimberTrek’s 5 courses set puzzles high— some really high, up to 50 feet— above the forest floor of Adventures on the Gorge. Kids as young as 7 can take on obstacles, bridges and ziplines from platform to platform. Test your agility, strength and cunning as you move at your own pace.

If you want to kick your adventure up a notch, try the MoonTrek— the same course at night, lit only by strings of holiday lights, making for a dreamy ride through the trees.

WVU’s Outdoor Education Center

This course is specifically designed for groups to conquer together, with elements on the ground and in the air. From rope walls to the giant swing, these obstacles are metaphors for challenges you might face as a team. Each can be completed in a variety of ways— but it’s up to your team to discover what works for you.

Which aerial puzzle do you want to solve?

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This post was last updated on July 21, 2020