A True Farm To Table Thanksgiving

Family. Food. Fun. The only thing that could make your Thanksgiving dinner better is food from local farmers. Almost Heaven is home to a multitude of farms and markets to help bring fall flavors to your table this Thanksgiving.

Get ready to celebrate and add farm-to-table flavor to your meal this Thanksgiving with foods from these farms and markets:

Orr’s Farm Market

Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg has all your Thanksgiving needs covered. The market has turkeys available for order, as well as pies in a variety of flavors— try pumpkin, pecan and apple for classic Thanksgiving flavors. If you want to prepare your own desserts, pick up apples from Orr’s to make a delicious pie or tarte. Orr’s also has fall decorations to make your Thanksgiving celebration more festive.

Gritt’s Farm

Visit Gritt’s Farm in Buffalo for a Thanksgiving Farm to Table dinner this Thanksgiving. The farm is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner featuring local produce. The menu includes country pork belly and grits, pumpkin gnocchi, Peking duck style turkey and a fall dessert trio. Gritt’s also has many Thanksgiving staples like fresh corn, potatoes, and green beans for sale at local markets.

Morgantown Farmers’ Market

Morgantown Farmers’ Market is a perfect stop for your Thanksgiving needs. With an excellent variety of local meats, cheeses and produce, the market is a great first stop when shopping for your Thanksgiving meal. The market is home to basics like eggs, bread and potatoes but also has seasonal specialties and desserts. While you’re there, stop by one of the craft vendors for early Christmas gifts.

Capitol Market

Capitol Market in Charleston is home to all things seasonal. Pick up your Thanksgiving essentials at Capitol Market, including produce and fall decorations. Get Holl’s Chocolate to complete your dessert and stop by The Purple Onion for any fruits or vegetables you might need. While you’re there stop by the in-house wine and cheese shop, for perfect pairings with your Thanksgiving meal.

Taylor’s Farm Market

Taylor’s Farm Market in Inwood has plenty of local goods to make your Thanksgiving dinner a success. Pick up produce like squash, apples and corn from Taylor’s. The market also has fresh-baked pies and caramel apples for easy holiday desserts. Pair your meal with wine or cider from Taylor’s selection of local craft beverages. While you’re there, pick up seasonal decorations and housewares.

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This post was last updated on March 18, 2022