6 wildest WV fair traditions

You haven’t seen wild till you’ve been to a fair in the Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.

Our old-fashioned fairs in West Virginia have everything from agricultural events to offbeat attractions.

Step right up for some fair fun you’ll only find here:

1. Lawn Mower Races

Mannington District Fair

BYOLM (Bring Your Own Lawn Mower) and strap in for some swift racing! In addition to go-cart racing and demolition derbies, the Mannington District Fair brings in some souped-up mowers that could trim our big, rolling lawns in no time.

2. Dairy Birthing Center

State Fair of West Virginia

Watch the miracle of calves being born at the State Fair of West Virginia. Once a mother cow is about to go into labor (and you’ll know— they announce it so you don’t miss the magic moment), people flock to see the next calf make its way into the world. More than 20 calves are born each year.

3. Monster Truck Show

Braxton County Fair

Famous monster trucks roar into the middle of the state for a show, where you can take a ride inside of one of the giant trucks (with even larger tires.)

While it’s a newer tradition, it has quickly become one of the most popular— especially for kids!

4. Bubblegum Bubble Blowing Contest

West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition

If you wanna win up to a year’s supply of Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum, stop by the bubble blowing contest at the West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition in Mineral Wells. First to blow the required size and number of bubbles wins!

5. Civil War Demonstrations

Mountain State Art & Craft Fair: An Appalachian Experience

The Mountain State Art & Craft Fair keeps history alive with Civil War reenactors, exhibits and more, all true and authentic to the time period.

6. Rock Throwing Contest

Ohio County Country Fair

Flex those muscles and see how far you can fling a rock! At the Ohio County Country Fair, take a go at the rock throwing contest, fiddle contest, hog calling contest and more.

What’s your favorite offbeat fair tradition?

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This post was last updated on July 24, 2020