5 Surprising Things in the Greenbrier Bunker

With the secret of the Greenbrier Bunker uncovered, its mystery and intrigue have yet to fade. Beneath the lush trappings of America’s Resort lies a 112,544-square-foot bunker, outfitted as a top-secret fallout shelter for the United States Congress. Since the declassification of the Bunker in 1995, tours have become a must-try for any history fanatic!

Check out these 5 things odd things you can find in the Greenbrier Bunker now.

1. A 28-Ton Door

With threats of nuclear war looming, the Bunker needed the highest level of protection possible. This protection provided in part by the bunker’s 28-ton blast door. If you are having a hard time picturing just how heavy 28-tons is, imagine the weight of two fire trucks. This door is special not only for its weight but because it can be opened with only 50 pounds of pressure!

2. Operating Rooms

Preparing for an unknown world, the designers of the Bunker included a variety of medical facilities. Knowing that Congress would be underground for a long period of time in the event of a disaster, operating rooms are among those facilities. It is hard to imagine undergoing surgery beneath the Greenbrier Resort, but this was an outcome that the designers planned for.

3. Decontamination Chambers

One element that may seem like a cinematic flourish is a reality in the Greenbrier Bunker. When members of Congress were to be brought to the facilities, they would each make their way through a decontamination chamber. After disposing of their outside clothes, entrants would walk through a strange shower lined hallway and be given their new clean garments.

4. Television Production Studio

While a studio may seem like a useless addition to a fallout bunker, it was designed with an important purpose. In the event of a disaster, Congress would be busy passing laws to provide relief and military guidance. This TV studio would allow citizens and the other branches of government to receive important updates.

5. Accommodations for over 1,100 people

With ample space for the 535 members of Congress, there is speculation about the purpose of the additional dormitories. With service personnel factored into this total, there may not have been room for the families of all Congress members. Some reports claim that additions to increase accommodations were in the works, though this remains a mystery.

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This post was last updated on February 28, 2022