5 Pet-Friendly Trails For You And Your Furry Companion

From the mountain tops of the Potomac Highlands to the banks of Metro Valley’s Kanawha River and everywhere in between, West Virginia offers endless opportunities for adventure. This fall, discover new trails and breathtaking views with your furry companion by your side.

Check out these pet-friendly trails before heading out on a trek with your four-legged friend.

1. Sunrise Carriage Trail

Located in the capital city of Charleston, this trail served as a former horse-drawn carriage path for Governor MacCorkle in the early 1900s. This path meanders up a mountainside beside the Kanawha River and ends with a spectacular view of the city, giving you a picture-perfect moment with your pup.

2. Greenbrier River Trail

This 78-mile rail-trail winds through the Allegheny mountains alongside the Greenbrier River, a tributary of the New River. The trail is completely flat and offers a great opportunity to see many species of birds. Unleash your pup and let him splash around in the river while you relax on the bank, taking in the sounds of Mother Nature.

3. Red Spruce Knob Trail

Explore higher elevations when you trek through Monongahela National Forest’s Spruce Knob, one of West Virginia’s highest peaks. Here, you can hike through what appears to be the setting of an age-old fairytale–the Red Spruce forest. In addition to its enchanting flora, this forest is home to abundant wildlife. While you’re there, you and your pup may catch a glimpse of the endangered Virginia Flying Squirrel. After hiking alongside a wide array of amazing sights, loop around, and you’ll find the remains of an old fire tower. Snap a photo of your pup beside the towering structure and head on your way.

4. Alum Creek and Cave Trail

Alum Creek and Cave Trail is located in Audra State Park, one of West Virginia’s wild and wonderful state parks. This trail includes a boardwalk underneath the Alum Cave overhang and offers views of the beautiful Middle Fork River. The path also provides river access so your furry friend can get a quick drink before continuing the journey.

5. Rhododendron Trail

Before embarking on the Rhododendron Trail, you’ll want to get your camera ready. This scenic trail is located in Valley Falls State Park and features Valley Falls, a magnificent waterfall on the Tygart Valley River. After trekking through with your pup, take a break and enjoy the soothing sound of the waterfall.

Be sure to bring a leash for your dog as you hike these beautiful trails.

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This post was last updated on June 21, 2022