5 mom and pop shops in West Virginia you must visit

You’ll never believe what you can find at some of the state’s oldest and most unique “mom and pop shops.” These shops will transport you back in time when life was simpler, and goods were made to last forever. When visiting these shops, you will find everything from beautiful treasures and delicious food to charming atmospheres and amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

1. O’Hurleys General Store

O’Hurleys General Store in Shepherdstown is a fun turn-of-the-century store that sells time-tested merchandise such as glassware, crockery, furniture, toys, tools, hardware and more. There is even a fully-operable blacksmith shop offered at the store as well. Fun fact: The owner was born upstairs in the very building O’Hurley’s General Store is located.

2. C.J. Richardson Hardware & Furniture

C.J. Richardson Hardware & Furniture in Marlinton has been operating since the early 1900s and has been a staple in the community ever since. Located in the oldest surviving building in Marlinton, C.J. Richardson is a glimpse of history frozen in time. In fact, you can still see the high-water mark of the 1985 flood that hit the town in the building. While at the store, you can weigh your nails, wrap your packages and browse the appliances (and musical instruments!) the store sells.

3. Berdine’s Five & Dime

Berdine’s Five and Dime in Harrisville has been operating since 1908 and claims the title of “Americas Oldest Dime Store.” Berdine’s beautiful pressed tin ceilings, bins of novelties, tin toys, bulk candies and friendly atmosphere will make you never want to leave. At Berdine’s you will always leave with a unique treasure that you will not find anywhere else!

4. Trivillian’s Pharmacy & Soda Fountain

Trivillian’s Pharmacy & Soda Fountain in Charleston has been serving the state’s metro area with delicious food you can eat while you wait for your prescription to be filled – since 1950. Trivillian’s is more than just a pharmacy and soda fountain, it’s a charming place with a great atmosphere and is one of the last of its kind. Also, the homemade milkshakes and burgers aren’t too bad either.

5. Star Mercantile

The beautiful Star Mercantile in Wardensville was founded in 1906 and has changed many times throughout the years. What started as a dry-goods store became a barbershop, boardinghouse, bank, pool hall, beer joint and hunting lodge to what is now a general store and restaurant. Stop by the Star Mercantile for one-of-a-kind antiques, good food and even better memories.

Which one are you visiting?

This post was last updated on March 1, 2022