4 big businesses with small roots in WV

Starting small doesn’t mean you can’t go big— as some of West Virginia’s staple businesses know.

The Mountain State certainly has its share of unique, regional “mom ’n’ pop” stores that are either family-owned, or directly owned and operated by one or two very involved entrepreneurs. We’ve got kitschy mountain shops, and family stores that have been passed down over the generations, all of which embody the distinct (and sometimes quirky) nature of West Virginia’s people and culture.

Sometimes, unique family-owned stores in West Virginia get successful, go on to dominate their markets across the state and beyond.

Feel good about shopping at these big businesses with small-town roots. Here are some of the best:

1. Pies and Pints

This has been a Fayetteville institution and a favorite of rock climbers and rafters, locals and visitors since 2003. In the early days, Pies and Pints’ tightly packed basement location churned out excellent gourmet pizzas (think Thai shrimp, chicken-gouda or Cuban pulled pork) and cold local beer. Since then, co-owners Kim Shingledecker and David Bailey have expanded their unique fare into Charleston, Morgantown, Kentucky and Ohio.

2. C. Adam Toney Tires

Getting your tires replaced or rotated, or your steering aligned, is a fairly mundane procedure, and many of us probably get it done at generic national chains. But if you want to keep it local at about the same price (if not lower), check out C. Adam Toney’s tires for a home-grown and historically established business.

Now with 4 locations in Southern West Virginia (Oak Hill, Summersville, Beckley and Hurricane), C. Adam Toney is proud of their local, neighborly vibe. When customers buy tires or get wheel work done with them, he lets ‘em know that they are truly “keeping it local.”

3. Holl’s Swiss Chocolates

In the 1950s, Swiss chocolatier Fritz Holl began making homemade chocolates out of his kitchen to sell to friends and family. His business eventually became successful enough that he and his son Dominique established a storefront in Vienna, WV, and a bit later they opened a location in Charleston. West Virginians today love Holl’s delectable chocolates, truffles and signature fresh-dipped strawberries, which you can get from either of their stores or online.

4. Rogers and Mazzas Italian Bakery

There’s probably no food that is more closely associated with the Mountain State than the pepperoni roll (our official state food, which you can really only find ‘done right’ here in the hills). It’s a simple yet elegant mix of Italian pepperoni enveloped in a fresh country roll, sometimes with mozzarella cheese thrown into the mix.

Rogers and Mazzas Bakery has been making Pepperoni Rolls on a commercial scale longer than just about anyone else. Today they are one of the biggest distributors of the snack through West Virginia and beyond. Keep an eye out for their products in convenience stores and diners around the Mountain State!

Which of these regional favorites do you adore?

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This post was last updated on July 21, 2020