10 Motorsport Tracks in West Virginia

West Virginia is made for those who want to feel alive and are brave enough to chase that feeling. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride or an exhilarating adventure to tell the grandkids about, our unique topography and blissful outdoor recreation are surely the answer. 

Since the Mountain State has a wide variety of motorsport tracks, here are 10 you don’t want to miss on your next visit: 

1. WV Motor Speedway, Mineral Wells, WV 

Encompassing around 5/8 miles of Almost Heaven soil, this dirt, oval track is well known among experienced racers. Known as the ‘World’s Fastest Dirt Track’, racers reach speeds over 150 mph while viewers watch this incredible speed from a terraced hillside. 

Right off I-77, near Microtel by Wyndham, the WV Motor Speedway is effortlessly easy to find and enjoyable for thrill-seekers of all ages.

2. Tyler County Speedway, Middlebourne, WV 

Home to a 1/4 mile dirt, oval racetrack, Middlebourne is a country racer’s dream. Built in 1974, the Tyler County Speedway radiates a nostalgic feeling in racers and spectators alike. 

Join in on this elbows-up, fender bangin’ short track racing that the locals believe is more important than the cushion of your backside.

3. Ohio Valley Speedway, Parkersburg, WV    

The Ohio Valley Speedway has played host to some of the nation’s best-known racers. Since opening in 1958, this lively Mountain State gem has continued to bring in racing legends and is among the top speedways for short-track excellence. 

Today, the stalwart track maintains its aura of yesteryear and charm but with a more modern, 3/8 mile long, oval track constructed with clay.  

4. ONA Speedway, Thomas Mays Racing, Ona, WV

The Ona Speedway is widely known as West Virginia’s only paved oval short track, making it one of the most interesting for local spectators. Constructed in 1962, the track has hosted multiple NASCAR Cup Series races, such as the 1971 West Virginia 500 and the 1964 Mountaineer 500. 

The track currently stands at 7/18 miles and can hold up to 2,000 spectators on the grandstand side. 

5. I-77 Speedway, Ripley, WV

The I-77 Speedway in Ripley is a clay, oval-shaped, stock car race track making up 3/8 miles of terrain. This riveting track is home to some of the most prestigious annual racing events in the nation, housing guests from all over the country. 

Ensuring family-oriented entertainment and integrity of a top-rate race track, watching drivers kick up dirt and duke it out for the finish is fun for all ages. 

6. Elkins Motor Speedway, CG Promotions, Elkins, WV 

With a newly remodeled ⅜ mile clay track and lighting, the Elkins Motor Speedway is ready to roll for racers and viewers. Racing all 5 vehicle classes that run between April and October, this is a Mountain State pit-stop you don’t want to miss. 

7. Beckley Motorsports Park, Beckley, WV

Known as the ‘Fastest Super Late 3/8 mile track in the Nation’, this clay oval track is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the Mountain State. The Beckley Motorsports Park offers stadium seating between the 4th – 1st turns, while the 2nd – 3rd turns offer a rugged hillside for tailgating. 

Get your safety glasses ready because these racers are sure to kick up some dust. 

8. Kanawha Valley Drag Park, Winfield, WV

Almost Heaven’s ⅛ mile paved drag strip is unlike any other racing terrain in the area. Known as the place to be for gearheads, teenage boys and shade-tree mechanics, this lively strip is a hot spot for any newbie racer.

The Kanawha Valley Drag Park cemented its mark on history with the West Virginia Drag Racers Hall of Fame being built nearby in 2017.

9. Summit Point Raceway, Summit Point, WV  

The Summit Point Raceway has taken “Friday Night Lights” to a new level with 3 paved-road racetracks. Only two hours west from Washington, D.C., this rip-roaring track is perfect for any city lover wanting to dip their boots in the racing world. 

Offering driver training sessions and informative racing programs, there is truly something here for everyone. 

10. MX Sports Pro Racing, Morgantown, WV    

Mountaineer Country is home to the most prestigious and world’s leading amateur motocross championship: the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. As a second-generation, family-owned business you can expect to see premiere racing at any MX Sports event. 

Having one of the most unique vertical integration structures out of any motorsports entity in the world, this race track is ideal for any casual or fanatical fan. 

If you’re looking for homegrown racing, a friendly motorsport competition or your next great adventure, West Virginia’s wild tracks are the place for you. 

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This post was last updated on May 17, 2023