Meet the Mothman

It’s been more than 50 years since residents of Point Pleasant woke up to these words stretched across the front page of the newspaper:

“Couples See Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something.”

The night before, 2 couples were in a car near the TNT area, which was used during World War II as an ammunition manufacturing facility. They reported being chased by a man with wings, unlike “anything you’d seen on TV or in a monster movie.” They described the giant man/bird hybrid as having glowing red eyes, a wingspan of 10 feet and an ability to fly more than 100 mph.

As time passed, the sightings stacked up mothmanand headlines continued: “Monster No Joke for Those Who Saw It,” “Mason Countians Hunt ‘Moth Man,’” “Oh, That ‘Bird!’ It Was Seen Again,” “Mysterious ‘Mothman’ Said Still at Large.”

Sightings ceased 13 months later, coinciding with the deadly collapse of the city’s Silver Bridge. Some people thought this timing was a sign that the creature was trying to warn townsfolk of the impending tragedy.

Today, the people of Point Pleasant still love their Mothman. The 3rd weekend every September, Point Pleasant celebrates its most legendary resident at his very own event, the Mothman Festival.

Join hundreds of Mothman’s fans as they flood the streets of Point Pleasant for a weekend of folklore and fun. Brush up on your Mothman history with a TNT-area shuttle tour, presentations by eyewitnesses and a visit to the Mothman Museum, where you can see original police reports, newspaper clippings and props from the 2002 film featuring Richard Gere, “The Mothman Prophecies.”

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This post was last updated on March 16, 2022