The West Virginia Department of Tourism’s Cooperative Advertising Program provides partners with the opportunity to leverage state resources and brand identity to advertise individual destinations, attractions and events. 

Co-Op Portal

Program Goals

  • Increase awareness of the West Virginia brand, products and partners
  • Create a positive shift in travelers’ attitudes and perceptions
  • Provide measurable advertising outcomes for every dollar spent
  • Leverage state resources and partner budgets to maximize industry’s overall economic impact

How Does It Work?

The program will offer a mix of regional and local advertising opportunities and will leverage marketing dollars from the Department of Tourism and the participating travel industry partner(s). The program will be a dollar-for-dollar match partnership that offers a variety of investment tiers.

Program Information

The program will operate on a calendar year. Year-long buys will be made in advance; however, seasonal offers and additional opportunities will be added throughout the year. The state’s financial contribution is dependent on industry interest.

Who Can Participate?

  • Destination Marketing Organizations (Regions or areas containing three or more attractions)
  • Tourism-Related Businesses, Attractions & Events, which include:
    • Cultural/historic sites
      • Fairs & festivals
      • Museums
    • Entertainment establishments
      • Casinos
      • Performing arts centers
      • Sporting organizations & venues
      • Vineyards/wineries
      • Craft breweries
      • Distilleries
    • Scenic or natural areas
    • Theme or amusement parks
    • Zoos, aquariums, wild animal parks
    • Destination lodging
      • Campgrounds
      • Bed & Breakfasts
      • Vacation rentals
      • Resorts
    • Destination entity/organization that provides recreational activities, including but not limited to, whitewater rafting, skiing and snow activities, mountain biking, hunting and fishing.
    • Destination shopping
  • Government Partners 

Bonus Marketing Packages

In addition to selected advertising placements, partners will receive a free marketing package based on their total buy.

Terms and Conditions

All program participants must complete and sign the Terms and Conditions of the program for each program year. Submit completed applications to

Cooperative Advertising Terms & Conditions