Eat Local & Support Small this Holiday Season

The local flavors of West Virginia are part of what makes us #AlmostHeaven. As outdoor dining begins closing up for the chilly season, our local restaurants need our help. So, let’s all plan to support our small businesses this season!

Using our Dining Map, finding local spots offering takeout or selling gift cards this season has never been easier! Check out these tips for showing your support:

Give the gift of flavor

Know someone who goes crazy for a traditional WV hot dog? Or maybe someone who can’t get enough of a certain local cuisine? Give them a gift they will savor and put a gift card under the tree for them. Whether they order their own takeout now or save it as a special treat, this gift will be there when they are ready.

Let our Dining Map guide the way for all of your gift card shopping needs. Simply select each location, check if gift cards are noted on their listing, and give them a call!

Looking to take things up a notch? Gift someone a foodie tour, with a gift card to each of the local restaurants in your area. Each time they fill up with this delicious local grub, they will think of you!

Treat a loved one

Hoping to keep your distance while creating holiday magic this winter season? Drop off a box of locally-made pastries at your grandmother’s door with a special note. Or have a tasty local dinner delivered straight to your loved one’s home. A special collection of delicious treats is the perfect way to light up this season for your loved ones!

Find local restaurants in your loved ones’ area by using our Dining Map! Find the spots that will put a smile on their face, all while supporting local businesses.

Enjoy a Takeout Feast

There is something so indulgent about cozying up with a tray of your favorite takeout. Put on that show you have been meaning to watch and enjoy a tasty pizza from a local spot or a rack of ribs from your town’s smokehouse. Really hoping to show local eateries that you care? Designate each Tuesday Takeout Tuesday and try a new local spot each week.

Finding the spots to fill out your takeout schedule is as easy as pie using our Dining Map. When you click on each location you will see if they offer takeout services, as well as all of their contact information!

Takeout Tip: Looking to spread some holiday cheer? An easy way to help out those in your community is to leave a tip even when ordering takeout. You never know whose Christmas wishes you can help come true by spreading a little extra kindness.

Don’t forget the ways that the handmade ice cream shop or family-owned drive-in makes your favorite #AlmostHeaven town that much more unique this holiday season! Find a new spot to support this season with our Dining Map.

While you wrap up your holiday shopping, be sure to check out our 2020 Gift Guide and shop local to find one-of-a-kind gifts.

Travelers are encouraged to check the status of individual businesses and to review all Travel Responsibly guidelines before taking a trip.

This post was last updated on December 17, 2020