Cooking Fresh in #AlmostHeaven

This new year we are all looking to make positive changes in our lives, with many of us hoping to freshen up our diets a bit. Whether you looking for some foodie inspiration or ways to kick your current recipes up a notch, our local farms and markets have you covered in Almost Heaven.

Organic produce

While local produce may be slowed down this time of year, our farmer’s markets have shelves full of fresh seasonal options. The Wardensville Garden Market has everything from organic radishes to carrots ready to be added to your new healthy recipes to be ordered order online. Throw together a colorful salad full of local ingredients for the perfect lunch!

Healthy sweets

Looking for a more natural way to bring some sweetness to your life? The Mountain State Honey Company has multiple varieties of local honey to integrate into your diet. Snag a small jar of honey to try out or splurge on a larger jar with honeycomb to take things up a notch. Forgo the package of sugar in your coffee and add a spoonful of honey for a more natural stroke of sweetness.

Flavorful finds

There is no need to forgo flavor when cooking fresh. At Powder Keg Farms in High View, you can pick up a variety of fresh and dried herbs to spice up your palate. Enjoy the aromatic flavors of locally grown garlic or experiment with cooking with lavender. Whether you throw a handful of delectable herbs into a savory soup or try out a new baking recipe, these flavors will fill your season with joy.

Holistically raised protein

Adding protein to your menu is a popular way to increase the nutritional points of your meals. Lucky for us, local farms have all of the fresh meat and poultry we need this time of year. Place an order for pickup at Deep Mountain Farm in Fayetteville and stock up on all of your fresh needs. Whip up a spicy stir-fry with your locally-raised beef or chicken to warm up on a cold winter day.

Not in the mood to cook your own meal? Use our Dining Map to guide all of your takeout or gift card needs!

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This post was last updated on January 5, 2021