A Day of Wildflower Searching in West Virginia

As spring brings forth the fragrance of new beginnings, eye-catching wildflowers are making their appearance in Almost Heaven. The beauty of nature is ever-present in West Virginia’s four seasons, but there’s just something special about searching for those newly-emerging pops of color.

In Almost Heaven, we believe in stopping and smelling the wildflowers. With radiant blooms everywhere, your excursion could very well last all-day. We advise that you soak in the sun, breathe in some fresh air and make a day of your wildflower search. A beautiful adventure through West Virginia awaits you, and here are a few ways to make the best of it.

Pack a Picnic

There’s no better way to spend these spring days than to dine among the wildflowers. Grab your basket and your favorite checkered blanket to have dinner with an amazing view. Fill your basket at home or check out some restaurants in nearby towns.

The Cranberry Glades is not only known for being home to a plethora of wildflowers, but it’s also surrounded by impeccable, local eateries. Grab a pizza to go from Hole in the Wall or a burger from Chill Out Grill. If you find yourself pursuing wildflowers near New River Gorge, then stop by Heart of Gold Diner on your way. Where you find your wildflowers, you can be sure to also find West Virginia flavor. Be sure to fill up your basket, but we’re certain it won’t be full for long.

Capture the Moment

When you behold the splashes of purple, pink and yellow against a canvas of green, it will certainly be hard to look away. When a day of wildflower searching is through, you’ll be able to relive these moments by capturing some photos.

West Virginia’s flora serves as the perfect focal point of any picture, so let your friends enjoy this kind of beauty by sharing it. With this kind of inspiration, finding a springy caption to complement your photos won’t be too hard. Find the perfect Instagram-worthy shot at Grandview, where rhododendrons and gorge views await. Enjoy this 2-mile loop on the Little Laurel Trail as you take the natural beauty of Almost Heaven.

Do It All Over Again

As we shift from winter adventure to spring excursions, you’ll find yourself longing for fun in the sun.

Days spent wildflower searching will never grow old, for nature, in all its glory, is enough to draw you in again and again. Considering this, it’s imperative that you preserve the beauty of these blooms for all those searching for color this spring season. Look towards new flowery adventures at the WVU Core Aboretum. Find 3 miles of foot trails with over 250 native species growing along the path.

How many wildflowers will you find this spring season? Check out our Exclusive Country Roads Edition Vacation Guide for more ways to stop and smell the wildflowers.

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This post was last updated on February 23, 2022