8 Secluded Stops on the West Virginia Waterfall Trail

The new West Virginia Waterfall Trail is the perfect way to spend your summer discovering thrilling adventures while earning exclusive prizes. Although some of the falls are easy to find, others are lesser-known, hidden gems. Read on to learn how to find some of the most secluded stops!

Seneca Creek Falls

Located within the Monongahela National Forest, Seneca Creek Falls is one of Pendleton County’s most secluded spots. Hidden at the base of the highest point in WV, Spruce Knob, this waterfall is a nature lover’s dream. The cool waters and large rocks make it a picturesque location, with several beautiful camping spots nearby. Be sure to come prepared for a 5-mile hike along Seneca Creek Trail, passing several creeks to reach these breathtaking falls.

Falls of Hills Creek

A crown jewel of the Monongahela National Forest, the Falls of Hills Creek are hidden off of the Highland Scenic Highway, just 5 miles west of the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center. Consisting of three cascading falls, the Falls of Hills Creek is surrounded by lush, green foliage and blooming rhododendrons in spring. The Falls of Hills Creek Trail will take you along a 1.3-mile out and back trek, moving lower towards the last falls in a series of pathways and wooden stairs

Mill Creek Falls of Kumbrabow

Within the woods of the Kumbrabow State Forest, Mill Creek Falls is a hidden gem of the Allegheny Highlands. Standing at just 20-feet tall, this small cascade pools into the mountain streams that lie below. Perched within West Virginia’s highest forest, Mill Creek Falls is also a popular swimming hole and fishing spot for anglers. Once you are in Kumbrabow State Forest, follow the signs to a parking area just off the road, where you can access the wooden steps down to Mill Creek Falls.

High Falls of Cheat

Winding through Shavers Mountain in the Potomac Highlands, the High Falls of the Cheat is one of the Mountain State’s most distinctive waterfalls. Though these falls are short in height, their signature feature is an impressive width, with cascades roaring across the mountainsides over a horseshoe bend of rocks. Find this spot along the High Falls Trail, which provides a beautiful – yet challenging hike.

Whitaker Falls

Whitaker Falls is a small series of cascades surrounded by stunning greenery perfect for your Instagram feed. Located within the Mountain Lakes region, this waterfall is secluded enough for the perfect outdoor escape. You can easily catch a glimpse of Whitaker Falls as you drive along Valley Fork Road – but you will want to stop and soak up this view.

Upper and Lower Falls of Holly River

Nestled within a cove of rhododendron and lush greenery, the Upper and Lower Falls are each a stunning sight to behold in Holly River State Park. Start your adventure on Pickens Grade Road before turning off into a parking lot where you can view the Upper Falls and set out on a trek to the Lower Falls. If you are looking to get up close and personal with this series of waterfalls, they can also be accessed along Potato Knob Trail.

Oglebay Falls

Slip into your water shoes, park along Falls Drive and carefully make your way across the shallow stream and up wooden steps to the viewing platform to catch a glimpse of these cascading waters. Or start your waterfall hunt at Schrader Center, following the 0.8 mile out-and-back Falls Vista Trail to enjoy all that Oglebay Falls has to offer. Oglebay Falls is picturesque with its unique double drop that flows over a moss-covered floor. Walk right up to these stunning falls to experience the beauty of the Northern Panhandle.

Marsh Fork Falls and Black Fork Falls

Twin Falls Resort State Park is home to two seasonal waterfalls that give the park its name – Marsh Fork Falls and Black Fork Falls. Found in the rugged mountains of southern West Virginia, these falls can be viewed from the 1-mile Falls Trail loop within the park. Marsh Fork Falls and Black Fork Falls tend to dry up during the warmer months, so be sure to visit them after a little rain or in the spring and winter seasons.

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This post was last updated on May 15, 2023