5 signs that you definitely belong in West Virginia

West Virginia pride is a real thing. We wear it proudly on our sleeve and aren’t afraid to let anyone know. Whether you currently call West Virginia home or possibly long to one day make your way to the Mountain State, here are some definitive signs that you belong in Almost Heaven!

After taking a vacation, you long to be back in the mountains and hills

Sure, we all need a vacation from time to time. It’s nice to be on the coast and enjoy the ocean, or maybe even get our thrills at an amusement park. However, you know deep down that nothing can beat the mountains and valleys of West Virginia. Coming back from vacation is never terribly sad because when you’ve been away, the mountains seem to hug you a little bit closer when you return home.

You sing “Take Me Home Country Roads” at the top of your lungs, no matter where you are

Whether it be at a West Virginia University Mountaineer football game or by the campfire with your closest friends, we’ve all found ourselves singing John Denver’s famous West Virginia anthem at some point in time. It’s a rite of passage in West Virginia, and for good reason.

Amazing views are always within a 15-minute drive

With fantastic views and overlooks spread across the state, you know you’re never more than a short drive from discovering why West Virginia is considered to be Almost Heaven. You have your pick of incredible locations at any given time.

Fog rising over the mountain is the perfect way to start your day

Picture perfect mornings that photographers could only dream about can be found every day in West Virginia. You don’t take them for granted, and you definitely feel sorry for anyone who isn’t lucky enough to enjoy them, too.

You truly believe that Mountaineers are always free

Montani Semper Liberi. Mountaineers are always free. You have always believed this statement to be true, and you live your life with this mentality. Whether it be scaling one of West Virginia’s many mountains or navigating your way down an iconic whitewater river, you exemplify the true Mountaineer spirit wherever you go.


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This post was last updated on July 31, 2020