5 Reasons Camping in your Backyard is a Summer 2020 Must Try

Memories children cherish are often not of grand gestures and big productions. It is commonly the simple and intimate experiences with family that children carry with them throughout their lives. Pack up some snacks and head out the door, because backyard camping is the perfect way to have fun, make memories, and stay safe this summer.

1. Social distancing is easy—in your own backyard

While public spaces may be off your radar for now, your own yard is a safe place to have fun with your family. Forget any issues of staying six-feet apart and enjoy some quality time in a secure environment.

2. No stress of forgetting an essential item

Packing your bags and checking everything off of the list is a common stressor in any camping experience! When camping in your own yard, simply run inside and grab your favorite sandals or headlamp.

3. Bad weather? No problem

The sound of a storm rolling in mid-campfire can put a damper on even the perfect trip. The ease of camping in your backyard allows you to bring the kids and perishables back under cover until the rain or extreme heat passes.

4. Sneak inside to put together kid friendly meals

Do you have a picky eater who won’t settle for Ramen on a camp grill? No problem! Sneak off to the kitchen and put together their favorite meals and enjoy under the stars.

5. Create future avid campers

Ease your family into taking bigger camping trips by taking small first steps. By making fun memories in an easy to manage backyard trip, you will foster a love of camping that will last a lifetime.

This post was last updated on February 28, 2022