Meet every wanderluster’s globe-trotting hero, the Roaming Gnome, right here in WV!


Travelocity’s famous Roaming Gnome is heading across West Virginia!

The Roaming Gnome had so much fun eating and drinking his way through West Virginia in 2016, he’s coming back for more. Join him this month as he tours cultural landmarks, resorts and restaurants!

We got the inside scoop on his schedule— but remember, he’s a wanderer, so he takes his time and follows the adventure. He’s just exploring as he goes, without a strict timeline.

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We bet he’ll have some funny captions for you. The Gnome is HILARIOUS.

Here’s where to find him:

Jan. 9 – Charleston

Journey to our capital city Jan. 9 to meet the Gnome and his Travelocity team.

Try your luck here:

Jan. 10 – Southern West Virginia

The Roaming Gnome will be hitting the slopes (and getting some R&R, too!)

Catch up with him at:

Jan. 11 – Potomac Highlands

In this corner of the state, West Virginia is especially wild and untamed. Let’s see if the Gnome falls in love with the breathtaking scenery, too!

Here’s where you might find him:

Jan. 12 – Tucker County

The Roaming Gnome’s also heading for cross-country ski territory. See if you can keep up with him at one of these resorts or parks:

Jan. 13 –  Eastern Panhandle

For his last day in West Virginia, the Gnome will load his itinerary with fine dining and cultural highlights.

Check out these stops:

Find the Gnome in real time with our Gnome Tracker: 

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