West Virginia Film Production Locations

Strategic Location

Almost Heaven covers a lot of territory – which makes us surprisingly close to a number of larger metro areas.  We sit at the crossroads of six interstate highways (64, 68, 70, 77, 79 and 81), and we’re an easy drive from the metro areas of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana. We also have seven commercial airports highlighted in the locations map below and are in close proximity to international airports in Washington DC, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  On the eastern side of the state, the Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC) train from Washington, DC, takes you to Harpers Ferry and Martinsburg.


West Virginia is located in the Mid-Atlantic Southeast Region of the U.S. and enjoys four seasons. On average, we have moderately cold winters and warm summers. Since our state has the highest average elevation of any state located east of the Mississippi, temperatures and humidity levels can vary, especially between higher mountain regions and valley areas of the state.


Springtime is particularly spectacular in Almost Heaven, West Virginia.  As light green and orange leaf buds start popping out on the trees, the flowering Eastern Redbuds don’t disappoint, with gorgeous magenta blooms, plentiful and easily visible from our roads and highways.  

West Virginia is the third most forested state, so in the fall our country roads are absolutely stunning, with vibrant yellows, reds and oranges.  High mountain elevations will change color first, followed by the deep valleys – creating an extended color season for filming.

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