West Virginia Film Office

The West Virginia Department of Tourism strives to bring two industry groups together, namely, Travel and Film, to provide the best of Almost Heaven, doubling the resources of statewide experts in locations, hospitality, and workforce, available to the film industry. We’re here to help you make your best project, whether it’s a feature film, TV show, music video, commercial or web media production.

Located in the Mid-Atlantic Southeast Region, West Virginia locations range from “America’s Best Whitewater” in the New River Gorge, to spectacular vistas and country roads like the Highland Scenic Highway.  West Virginia is the only state that lies completely within the Appalachian Mountain region, which includes the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our elevations range from nearly 5,000 feet at Spruce Knob, to 240 feet above sea level at historic Harpers Ferry – the meeting place of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers, where the Appalachian Trail runs through the middle of town. 

In Almost Heaven, West Virginia, you can journey across a boardwalk through a boreal bog – one of very few southern, subarctic wetlands – and see birds and plants that are unheard of in climates this temperate.  Hear the rush and feel the mist, spraying from West Virginia’s many stunning waterfalls, a number of which are surprisingly accessible and near larger, uncrowded, urban areas and airports.  Tour through history and follow the paths our nation’s forefathers walked in our Colonial and Civil War era towns – West Virginia is home to some of the most unique and historic architecture on the East Coast.  Let your imagination explore our early industrial heritage, from coal communities and company stores, to railway stations and a town with dozens of beautifully preserved Victorian and Tudor homes, once owned by coal barons in the early 1900’s.  Experience breathtaking scenery, bold rivers, hardwood forests, and rustic farmlands – If it sounds like Almost Heaven, that’s because it is.

Let us help you secure your perfect location, find skilled workforce, and navigate film permitting.  We’re ready to help with experienced crew, an established statewide network of governmental agencies, local business leaders and community representatives that are unmatched in hospitality.

We look forward to working with you soon in – Almost Heaven, West Virginia!

Work with the Department of Tourism

The West Virginia Department of Tourism, is an agency under the West Virginia Department of Commerce, and is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (www.afci.org).  AFCI is a non-profit, educational association and is the official professional organization for film commissions around the world that provide support services to the film industry.

Let us help with your project, whether it’s a feature film, TV series, music video, commercial, web media or digital production.  Through our vast network of established partnerships in hospitality, government and local businesses, we’ll provide you with the best film-friendly, direct contacts for locations, crew, equipment and permit requirements in the areas where you wish to film, as well as media support, if you desire.

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