Mountain creativity

West Virginia’s artistic renaissance sparked way back when, with Appalachian heritage crafting, roots music and storytelling. Being the creative innovators that we are, we’ve also immersed ourselves in contemporary arts, musical styles and theater, melding old-time and new-age into a vibrant and unique arts scene.

You’ll find arts alive in every corner of every city across this state, from the world music and orchestra productions at Carnegie Hall and Broadway at the Clay Center to the informal pickin’ circles, contra dances and quilting bees in the nearest town. Museums, comic cons, galleries— get cultured, mountain-style!

Culture goes beyond arts. We have a unique way of life— and the best way to get to the heart of it is to talk to folks here. We’ll share our mountain pride, hospitality, wisdom and even our offbeat colloquialisms. Our past is part of who we are, from old-time traditions to simple pastimes, and even some unique folklore

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