Public Lands

Now more than ever is the time to get outside and explore. West Virginia’s landscape is carved from rolling hills, flowing streams and deep forests that reveal sweeping mountain vistas. The best way to experience the beauty of the Mountain State is through exploring the vast network of parks and public lands. Whether it’s a recreational park, a dense evergreen forest or a serene frozen lake, step outside and enjoy natural wonders this winter in West Virginia.

Iconic Views

Looking for those drop-dead gorgeous winter views? Look no further than West Virginia’s public lands. Home to iconic spots like Dolly Sods, the Bluestone Gorge and Harpers Ferry, there’s a winter photo stop waiting for you.

Looking to capture that only-in-West Virginia picture? Try your hand at finding a frozen waterfall. These falls, while rushing in the spring and summer, are quiet and still in the winter. They provide a peaceful backdrop that’s frozen in time, literally.

  • Blackwater Falls State Park: When the temperatures plummet, the magnificent 62-foot cascade and namesake of Blackwater Falls State Park freezes into a solid curtain of ice. Framed by snow-covered evergreens, the wondrous scene is a sight to behold.
  • Cathedral Falls: Get a glimpse of the final 60 feet of Cathedral Falls, trickling down the rocky walls of a natural amphitheater. Easy to reach from a roadside pullout off U.S. 60 near Gauley Bridge, Cathedral Falls is part of a tributary that leads to the New River.
  • Glade Creek: Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park is one of West Virginia’s most photographed images, but it is especially beautiful in winter, when the creek is strewn with rocks, creating multiple levels of miniature waterfalls.
  • New River Gorge National Park and Preserve: Experience winter in the newly-designated national park and you’ll soon discover why visitors have been traveling here from near and far. The blanketed gorge is a magical sight.

Forge a new path this winter at one of West Virginia’s many parks and public lands.

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