While foragers have to be very careful about which wild fungi they pick, if you know what you’re looking for, West Virginia can be a treasure trove of flavor. A few of the tastiest mushrooms you can uncover in our forests:

  • Morels- These honeycombed mushrooms are the most sought after, a gourmet prize in the spring. Fry them up with butter for a delectable dinner.
  • Chanterelles- These yellow mushrooms come out in the summer, but be sure you know how to distinguish them from similar, inedible varieties!
  • Hen of the Woods- Found mostly in the fall, this easily identifiable mushroom is large and easy to spot.
  • Giant Puffballs- Sometimes growing more than 20 inches around, giant puffballs are a hearty find, but you have to pluck them at just the right time.

This post was last updated on December 11, 2015