Know Before You Go

Getting There and Getting Around

This year’s West Virginia Governor’s Conference on Tourism will be held in the Canaan Valley, a stunning destination within Tucker County in the Potomac Highlands region. The conference offerings will be centered around the Main Lodge and the Bear Paw Lodge at Canaan Valley Resort State Park. Driving directions can be found on the resort’s website. Upon arrival, check-in and registration will be located at the Main Lodge (230 Main Lodge Road, Davis, WV 26260). You’ll find our staff in the West Virginia Department of Tourism airstream out front, where you can pick up your welcome bag and name tag.

While shuttle transportation will be available for many of the conference activities, as noted in the program, we recommend bringing your own vehicle, renting a car or carpooling with colleagues from your region. There is so much to do and see in the Potomac Highlands, and public transportation is limited in this area.

Individual Assistance Appointments

We hope you will take advantage of our first-time-ever conference offering: Individual Assistance Appointments for Economic Development, Work Force Training, and New Market Connectivity. When attending these appointments, if you have information about your specific project or needs such as planning documents, market studies, or feasibility studies, please bring those along. If you are in the early stages of your project and would just like to have an initial conversation with our experts about how to get started, that’s fine too!

Dietary Restrictions

For each meal that is included in the conference, we planned for a limited number of vegan and gluten-free options. If you would like to have a vegan or gluten-free meal or have specific food allergies, please email by Sept. 4, 2023 to let her know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Staying Connected

Wireless internet is available at Canaan Valley Resort within the Main Lodge and the Bear Paw Lodge – with no password required. Just join the network called ‘Canaan Valley Resort.’ The Potomac Highlands region has limited cellular phone coverage. When planning your trip, please keep in mind that you may need to depend on the wireless internet to communicate.

What to Bring & What to Wear

As you prepare to join us in the Potomac Highlands please consider packing the following items, so you’re prepared to enjoy your time to the fullest!

  1. Layers and Rain Jacket – You never know about the weather this time of year, and the Potomac Highlands can be a bit chillier compared with the rest of the state. Be prepared with some options for chilly evenings and sunny afternoons.
  2. Your Favorite Glamping Apparel – We have some glamourous camping options across the state. For our annual Stars of Almost Heaven Awards dinner, keep it casual and outdoorsy by dressing in your favorite attire for Glamping with the Stars! 
  3. Sturdy Shoes – Take advantage of all our outdoor offerings and be comfortable walking the beautiful landscape.
  4. Yoga Mat – If you are a fan of starting your day with some stretching, this offering is for you. Be sure to bring your yoga mat if you can. A limited number will be available onsite.
  5. GoPro or other camera– For our Star Party on the evening of Sept. 12, led by Kyle Wicks (Ambassador for GoPro), we will have an opportunity to capture the night sky of the Potomac Highlands in all its glory.
  6. Telescope – If you don’t have a GoPro or other camera, bring a telescope with you to gaze at the stars during our Star Party!

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